Port Lincoln Golf Club values all contributions made by its members to the maintenance and upgrading of facilities to provide great experiences for its fellow members and visitors who enjoy the facilities today. Below are the members who have gone beyond to make the club it is today:

A.S. Hopping Senior

C.S. Hopping 

H.L. Baker

N.V. Jacobs

C.F. Poole

J.T. Veitch

I. Fulwood

R.A.S. White

L.H. Bice

Mrs R.J. Calderwood

Mr R.J. Calderwood

K.J. Mitchinson

H.F. Oswald

J.G Thomson

L. Watherston

P. Nolan

M. Thomson

P. Watherston

A. Derrington

R.M. Gibbes

A.F.B. Gibbes

J. Cheriton

B. Modystack

D. Weatherspoon

B. Gould

P. Parker

C. Thompson

T. Thompson

E. Weatherspoon