1915: The first official course was established at Kirton Point and was home to a 6-hole layout. 6 holes were extended to 9 holes where the area is now occupied by Kirton Point Primary School, the tennis courts, Poole Oval and the old railway workshops.

1927: Land was inspected and subsequently purchased at the current site. 93 acres was acquired at an expensive £7 per acre (£651 total). The clubrooms built from timber and iron were transported from Kirton Point to the current site. Some time later, an additional three-cornered block was acquired for £30 that was added to the current premises.

1929: 74 members and 50 associates helped form the foundation for the current course with many hours spent performing labourous duties including course preparation and maintenance as well as fences and the original clubrooms built.

1939-1945: Golf was suspended at the premises due to barley being cropped to provide assistance to the World War II efforts, with a temporary 9-hole course established at North Shields as a substitute.

1945: Golf returned to the current premises.

1947: Members made a commitment to establish an 18-hole layout with sand scrapes.

1950: New clubrooms were built with labour supplied by members. The cost of topping the walls cost a whopping £120.

1964: Extensions started on the clubrooms. This included bar facilities and a buggy shed under the clubhouse floor.

1965: Bores were sunk and the first greens were planted. The remaining greens were planted shortly after.

1968: The 18-hole course with fully grass greens was officially opened for play. Liquor licence was granted providing funds for the club and the start of sore heads for members and associates.

1980's: Original clubrooms extensions completed.

1987: The Greens Automatic Water Supply System was installed which cost $64,000 with labour supplied again by club members.

1990: Major extensions planned and built providing double the rooms for members and functions. The total cost was $130,000.

1991: Several fairways were altered and 3 new greens were established with the assistance of golf architect - Murray Crafter.

1997: Judy Window shoots a 77 to be the course record holder for ladies.

2006: Gavin Cheriton shoots a 63 to be the course record holder for men.

2007: Large tanks and a dam was built at the bottom of the practice fairway to capture water run-off from the sheds. Finance was supplemented with the help of Commonwealth funding.

2018: Trenches were established to capture water run-off from the course and surroundings hilly terrain. A large dam on the 18th hole was also established which captures the trenches capture of water as well as rainfall capture.


Hole 2 Scrape. Circa 1960.